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Banco Toyota adopts digital signatures in credit approvals

The Institution gains more productivity and streamlines decision-making and the formalization of credit lines for concessionaires and fleet owners throughout Brazil, approving credit within 20 minutes

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Proposed Solution

SaaS Solution (Software as a Service) for Digital Signatures and Workflow through the QualiSign Portal.

Client’s Need

Streamlining the credit approval process.

About Banco Toyota do Brasil

Banco Toyota do Brasil has been operating in the country since 1999 and is linked to the Toyota Financial Services Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, a company founded in 1937 and which has become one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, with operations in more than 30 countries. The Toyota's financial division – Toyota Financial Services Corporation – significantly contributes to the worldwide growth of the Toyota brand, which in Brazil has been intensified since 1998, with the inauguration of the Indaiatuba plant, in the countryside of São Paulo, which started producing the Corolla vehicle in the country. For more information, visit

Banco Toyota História de sucesso com a QualiSign


In order to foster and support the Toyota brand sales in the Brazilian market, Banco Toyota do Brasil operates with CDC – Direct Consumer Credit – for individuals and legal entities, in addition to other products that meet the needs of the Toyota Distributor network in the country. Recently, in order to gain more productivity and streamline its decision-making and formalization of wholesale credit lines, the institution took a leap towards modernization, adopting the digital signature in its approvals through the QualiSign Portal, a SaaS (Software as Service) solution target at the digital signature of electronic documents developed and maintained by QualiSoft, a company specialized in the development of systems and products for the secure processing of electronic transactions.

"When analyzing the internal credit decision processes, we realized that the adoption of a digital signature solution could increase productivity and streamline the decision and formalization process of credit lines, since the bank needed a solution via the internet, which streamlined the deployment without impacting the IT area, with another development demand and further considering a low cost implementation," says Alexandre Moya, executive of the Wholesale Credit area at Banco Toyota do Brasil." We noticed that we could significantly enhance the time of approval and deployment of credit lines,” he concluded.

According to Moya, the formalization process took up to 80 minutes for each credit line approval by each Toyota dealership across the country and also by fleet owners who are directly served. “After studying the market alternatives, we opted for the QualiSign Portal, managing to shrink the process time by 75%, going to only just 20 minutes. It is a relevant productivity gain. Moreover, operational risk was minimized with the integration of the Bank's scope system to the QualiSign Portal. This integration and the deployment of the process took only 20 days”, he added.

Another aspect highlighted by the executive of Banco Toyota do Brasil is mobility. “With the digital signature, approvers, including analysts, management and the board, can sign the approval remotely, which streamlines the process to formalize and implement the limits. This credit approval template with the ICP-Brasil standard digital signature is a pioneer, and with this positive experience, Banco Toyota takes another step towards innovation and sustainability of its operations through the dematerialization of its processes,” highlights Moya, advising that the digital signature application is being assessed in other areas and processes at the company.

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