Electronic Seal

It is an image linked to the digital signature applied to a document in PDF format.

Vídeo chancela eletronica thum

What does it do?

This can be the handwriting of your signature, a stamp with your name, a company logo, or any other image you need to associate. With the image associated with the signature, visual identification becomes more personalized, which is important for some types of documents.

What is it for?

The service is used to customize documents such as: laboratory reports, prescriptions, reports, opinions, diplomas, policies, certificates, in short, any document that is in PDF format. In addition, the PDF documents, signed with the electronic seal, follow the rules and determinations of ANS, ANVISA and other federal and state agencies that require a digital signature, as well as the signatory's registration number in their respective control body.

How does it work?

  1. Each signer uploads the image they want to associate with their signature.
  2. When uploading the document, the option of digital signature in PDF with the Electronic Seal must be selected.
  3. When signing, the QualiSign portal will apply the image to the document as associated with the signer's profile.

Electronic Seal

Personalize your digital signature by linking images


At any time, the signer can delete or change the signature image.

If the signer does not have an image registered, the portal will apply the text (certificate information) at the location of the signature.


Legal Opinions, Arbitration Agreements, Legal Petitions.

Laboratory reports, medical prescriptions.

Employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, internal policies, and other employee-related documents.

Insurance policies and contracts.

Technical reports, inspection reports, bidding documents, architectural projects.

Diplomas, course completion certificates, academic records, and educational contracts.


Allows users to customize their signature to their preferences, adding a unique and distinctive touch.

By including the signature image, it makes it easier to identify the signer, making it easier for recipients to recognize and authenticate the document.

The combination of the digital signature with the signature image strengthens the authenticity of the document, providing an additional layer of security and ensuring its integrity.

By incorporating the signature image, the service provides a more familiar and comfortable experience for users, mimicking the feeling of physically signing documents, which can increase trust and acceptance of the electronic process.

More speed, modernity and security in your company's daily routine.

Higher productivity with reduced costs?

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