Digital Acceptance

A service that allows you to formalize the acceptance of the conditions described in an electronic document by simply clicking.

What does it do?

O Digital Acceptance records the technical evidence of the moment of acceptance, allowing its future use to prove the act. The recording of the moment is carried out by means of a time stamp issued by the QualiSign Time Stamp Authority (ACT), certified by the National Observatory (MCTI Body), which guarantees the integrity and time authenticity (date and time) of the events and stored evidence.

What is it for?

Digital Acceptance is recommended to formalize any digital act that needs to be agreed upon by other party, such as the “agreed” in an adherence contract, the acceptance of a service order or a term of use, the approval of a budget or commercial proposal, or the confirmation of an order; in short, it is recommended for any type of approval, acceptance or electronic authorization required.

Digital Acceptance

Formalize any digital act that requires the agreement of the other part.

Or over the phone:

+55 (11) 5906-7200

How does it work?

1- Send the contract or document to the recipient's e-mail address using the suffix (e.g. [email protected]);

2- The QualiSign Portal will receive the message, apply the digital stamp with a time stamp and forward it to the recipient;

3- The recipient receives the email, checks its content (message and attachments) and clicks on the digital stamp;

4- The technical evidence of receipt, reading and agreement are recorded and stored on the QualiSign Portal.


For all message submission and delivery process stages, a time stamp is applied to record the precise time of the event synchronized with the Brazilian legal time applied by the National Observatory (MCTI body).

The digital stamp can be personalized with the customer's visual identification, allowing a better identification by the recipient.

The Digital Acceptance is another one of the several services offered by the QualiSign Portal. As soon as you hire this service, you will be able to enjoy the other services: Digital and Electronic Signature of Contracts, Reports, Powers of Attorney, Digital Certificates, Valid E-mail and Time Stamp

It researches the status of emails through 9 types of filters: document status, passcode, reference, signer name, period and others.


Formalization is a necessity in the business world, as it minimizes misunderstandings and reduces risks of non-acceptance for what has been agreed on between the parties.

It stands for the guarantee provided to the chronology of events and their traceability by recording technical evidence and using a time stamp upon acceptance.

The technical evidence collected upon acceptance provides proofs of the events held.

Just submit your e-mail to the recipient including the suffix “”, and get your “Digital Acceptance” by simply clicking. Get out of informality and maintain business agility.

Reduce document shipping, paper printing, storage and control costs.

Improve the control over documents that are in transit and get to know the status of each document sent: which ones have been accepted, rejected and which ones are still awaiting a response.

Avoid issuing paper and sending documents. Simplify and reduce bureaucracy in processes, reduce consumption of electricity and water, avoiding CO2 emissions and contributing to a better planet.

More speed, modernity and security in your company's daily routine.

Higher productivity with reduced costs?

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