Valid Email

It is an electronic notification service that has the same equivalence as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Evidence of e-mail delivery and interactions is recorded at the portal, forming a dossier.

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The Valid Email applies to any situation where proof of delivery of a notification is required

You will be notified when your message is delivered, avoiding frequent queries regarding the status of outgoing emails. If the recipient reads your message or accesses one of its attachments, you will be notified immediately.

Valid Email

Use it to formalize orders, collections, acceptances, refusals, summons, agreements and other types of notifications.

How does it work?

1- The user's email is sent to the QualiSign Portal, through the domain "" and handled by the VE service;

2- The message received by the VE is stored at the QualiSign Portal, including its attachments, and receives a stamp containing a message identification number, the date and the Brazilian legal time;

3- The email, now with all the evidence, is sent to its recipient.


It notifies the e-mail sender when delivery takes place, avoiding the frequent query of the status of e-mails sent.

It provides better navigability for the features available.

All stages of the message receiving and delivery process are guaranteed by the time stamp (BLT - Brazilian Legal Time, provided by the National Observatory - NO/MCTI).

It allows searching the status of emails through 7 types of filters: processing status, reading status, sender, recipient, period, subject and ID.

Customize the stamp that is placed on each message, attaching a logo or an image of your company.

It enable you to view, control and analyze your emails through sending and receiving statistics. VE has 6 types of attributes for you to create your own statistics.

VE is another service offered by QualiSign. You can also enjoy the other services: Digital and Electronic Signature of Contracts, Reports, Powers of Attorney, Digital Certificates, Time Stamp and Digital Acceptance.


The Valid E-mail applies to any notification situation that requires proof of delivery. Some examples of notifications: an order, a request, a charge, a summons, an agreement, a notification etc.

The Valid E-mail allows you to attach any type of document: drafts, contracts, proposals, requests, agreements, duplicates, invoices and others, in any format.


At least 50% reduction if compared to the costs of sending a notification filed on paper (Registered Letter/AR).

All messages have their integrity guaranteed by applying the time stamp.

A security key is generated for each sender, assuring that they alone can send a message through the VE service by using their registered address.

The application of a Time Stamp (National Observatory - NO/MCTI) in each of the events treated by the VE, namely sending, processing, receiving and reading, guarantees the information integrity, as well as the chronology of the events.

Speed in sending and making sure that your messages were delivered and read.

Eliminating or minimizing the use of paper reduces water and electricity consumption, as well as CO2 emissions, thus helping the survival of planet Earth.
Cost reduction


The Valid E-mail (VE) is an e-mail service offered through the QualiSign Portal that adds supporting elements to the electronically transmitted message.

The VE is equivalent to a Registered Letter, providing all technical and legal evidence regarding its authorship, content and chronology of submission, delivery and knowledge, guaranteed by the Brazilian legal time provided by the National Observatory - NO (MCTI).

The sender is notified when the recipient reads the message or one of its attachments.

The Valid E-mail (VE) is used to safely notify someone about a subject of interest. This subject can be a petition, a request, a charge, a summons, an agreement etc. It also serves to send any attachment, such as a Contract, Proposal, Agreement, Duplicate, Invoice, in any format.

With the Valid E-mail, you will be guaranteed proof of delivery, which makes it possible to use this evidence when proof of fact is required.

The Valid E-mail (VE) provides several benefits: reduced printing, envelopes, shipping and postage costs.

At the same time, it eliminates costs with scanning, filing and document search processes.

Another great advantage it offers is the agility and the speed to send an email, compared to sending a paper document.

The Valid E-mail service offers security and legal validity, as it applies time stamp technologies in the process of sending and receiving notifications.

It is a sustainable service, as it helps reduce the use of paper and, consequently, it avoids the consumption of water, electricity and CO2 emissions for this purpose.

The EVK is a unique security key automatically generated by the Valid E-mail service for each registered sender. It is the guarantee that no one but the sender will be able to send Valid E-mails through their registered e-mail address, increasing the reliability of the service and the certainty that no one will be able to use it in their name.

SPAM´s, Pishing´s and other improper e-mails that usually take advantage of e-mail addresses on the internet will be halted by the Valid E-mail, as they will not have the corresponding EVK code.

Its use is optional, but highly recommended. Include the EVK at the onset of your message body. As soon as the Valid E-mail receives your message, it will validate the EVK by discarding it from the body of the message and sending the rest to the recipient, thus preserving the code confidentiality.

The EV is equivalent to a registered letter, express delivery services, fax and other traditional services that provide all the legal evidence and guarantees for sending and receiving messages and goods.

The differential offered by this service is in its practicality, security and costs, which are substantially lower than its physical counterparts.

The Valid E-mail (VE) service inserts an image (Stamp) in every message sent that contains information about the date and time the message was sent, in addition to its identification number.

This image can be customized by the QualiSign Portal customer, a VE service user.

Thereby, the client must create an image in the QualiSign Portal seal patterns and replace the image on the “Valid E-mail Settings” page.

The QualiSign Portal will continue to position the fields in the same positions as the seal: Date and Time (UTC) and E-mail ID.

Yes. The Valid E-mail service works as if it were the postal service. If you send a letter to the wrong address, the service will be charged and your letter returned, indicating the reason for the return.

The Valid E-Mail, whenever possible, informs you that the message was not delivered, along with the reason for non-delivery.

If the recipient's mailbox is full, the Valid Email service will attempt to send the message four more times, once a day. If there is no successful delivery after 5 (five) attempts, the message will be marked as "Not Delivered."

Whenever necessary, you can request the issuance of an expert report. Issuing the Expert Report implies costs. Check your price list to learn about the costs for this service.

More speed, modernity and security in your company's daily routine.

Higher productivity with reduced costs?

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