Safety hints

1 Definitions

QUALISIGN PORTAL: it is the system made available through the internet, whose electronic address is or, including the PERSONALIZED SITES, with all its pages, resources and tools;

PERSONALIZED SITE: it is the QUALISIGN PORTAL, customized with the visual identity defined by the client;

QUALISIGN: it is the company QualiSign Informática S.A., responsible for the licensing, operation and management of the QUALISIGN PORTAL.

USER(S): these are the people registered at the QUALISIGN PORTAL who start to access and/or use the services offered by the QUALISIGN PORTAL, whether paid or not.

2 Security hints

QUALISIGN makes its best efforts to treat the information it captures confidentially and securely, including the use of firewall, of passwords and digital certificates. However, as it is known, in the Internet environment a large number of frauds, illegal schemes, among other practices are practiced.

The lack of absolute security in the Internet environment, prevents the guarantee of privacy and inviolability of all information provided by the USER, so as the decision of using the services rendered by the PQUALISIGN PORTAL is personal and is subject to these conditions. The QUALISIGN PORTAL, although making use of the best technology available, is subject to the action of hackers and crackers which have an eminently unlawful purpose. In this case, in accordance with the Applicable Laws, QUALISIGN will notify the affected USER and the relevant authorities of the occurrence of any security incident that may cause a relevant risk or damage to the USER.

Thereby, for the USER’s experience when browsing the QUALISIGN PORTALto be the best possible, below are some security recommendations:

• Whenever possible, use Digital Certificate to access the QUALISIGN PORTAL;

• Use complex passwords, with very long combinations of letters and numbers that require unusual keyboard combinations, because simple passwords are easy to be broken;

• Maintain antivirus and firewall systems, always updated;

• Avoid using shared or public computers to use QUALISIGN PORTAL resources, as well as accessing it through any untrusted network, such as public networks, for example;

• If for any reason the password owned by the USER is at risk, the best thing to do is to modify it immediately by accessing the QUALISIGN PORTAL;

• Do not send Personal Information (data that identifies or makes a natural person identifiable) or documents containing Personal Information in eventual contact with one of QUALISIGN's, service channels, unless the information was expressly requested by a QUALISIGN employee;

It is worth noting that the QUALISIGN PORTAL nwill not, under any circumstances, request, either by email or telephone, the personal password owned by the USER.

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